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“I live life in the fast lane”

Special mentions to those who have helped us get where we are today:

Dog & Rabbit – great animators and designers, responsible for designing our pump-clips and bottle labels. Rabbit (Dave Anderson) is also the creator of the Bastard Bunny comic strip, whose characters have inspired our speciality beer range.

The Royal Standard – our ‘local’ and the first establishmant to serve our beers. Always 10 well kept cask ales, including some of our personal favourites from Burning Sky, Oakham and Salopian breweries.

Curry Leaf Café – our favourite curry house in Brighton.

XT Brewing – our first commercial beer was a collaboration with XT at their brewery in Thame in 2015. We learned a great deal from Russ and his brewing team and remain eternally grateful for the opportunity.

Fresh Interactive – creator of this web-site, long-time collaborator of ours during our previous careers and drinking buddy too!

Burning Sky Beer – Mark Tranter is one of the main reasons we are brewing today. We’ve learned a great deal from Mark, while his phenomenal beers provide a constant source of inspiration.

Shabbytique meets Eat on the High Street – wonderful initiative to provide independent local traders with monthly space on Maidenhead High Street.

The Snowdrop Inn – winning their annual homebrew competition (twice) gave us the confidence to take the next step. Their Beer Britannica Festival is not to be missed!