possibly the smallest brewery in the Thames Valley. Our mission is simply to brew the best beers we can, while staying small and local and having loads of fun along the way!


  • Fri 15th June, 4-7pm
  • Sat 16th June1-7pm
Bastard Bunny says "drink responsibly!"

Bastard Bunny says “drink responsibly!”

Our beers are inspired by our many beery journeys seeking out the world’s finest beers. We’ve teamed up with Bastard Bunny and his pals to brew the beers that we love to drink, including American IPAs, Belgian Saisons, English Porters and Russian Imperial Stouts.

We brew, bottle and label the beers by hand in the tiny brew-house at the bottom of our garden in Taplow. We are not particularly concerned with whether our beers are classified as ‘craft’ or ‘real ale’, just as long as they are enjoyed.

We sell mainly through our brewery bar and bottle shop – the #moogBAR. Check the ‘Where To Buy’ page for details of our regular open days and other outlets/events.